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Christened in 1934

The Cloudia is a beautifully restored, rare example of a classic Norwegian double-ended ketch. Inspired by the original designs of famed naval architect Colin Archer (1832-1921), from Larvik, Norway, the Cloudia is a Listerskøyte. The top-sail ketch is notable for durability and safety. Archer’s shipyard designed and constructed the famed Fram, which participated in a number of expeditions to the North Pole and later supported Roald Amundsen’s historic first expedition to the South Pole.

Archer’s designs became popular for commercial use and in the pleasure sailing market during the 20th Century, and remain so to this day.

The Cloudia is rigged as a topsail ketch in the British or American style, which means there are 2 two-piece masts that allow the Cloudia to carry more sail than a traditional Norwegian rig with shorter single masts. The Cloudia’s main mast is 85 feet high including the top jack.

Many different kinds of wood were used to craft the ship, including Norwegian white oak, Sapele hardwood, Douglas fir, Alaskan yellow cedar, and Ipe Brazilian hardwood. The pilot house is fully equipped with modern maritime electronics, including state-of-the-art radar and navigation systems.

Experience History

Miss Fortune


Norwegian Naval Architect

Cloudia is a Listerskøyte inspired by the original designs of famed naval architect Colin Archer (1832-1921), from Larvik, Norway. Norwegian double-ended ketches were notable for durability and safety.

Roald Amundsen

Explored the South Pole

Norwegian Explorer

The top-sail ketch is notable for durability and safety. Colin Archer’s shipyard designed and constructed the Fram which supported Roald Amundsen’s historic first expedition to the South Pole.

Journey Back in Time Today

When you first step foot onto The Cloudia you’ll feel two worlds have come together – “old world” with a modern touch. You’ll notice the handcrafted detail and care that went into the design of this one of kind majestic sailing vessel.

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In The Movies

The Cloudia should have received a Hollywood Star for her unique design, history and splendor. She did make it as “the lead role” in her debut to the big screen in a Warner Brothers movie – The Sea Gypsies (1978). It’s a story about a family’s adventures on a sailing trip around the world. Your friends and family will love that you took you took a tour on a ship used in a Hollywood movie.

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What our Clients Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Did not get your question answered?

Please email us at or call Cloudia Operations Staff at (619) 363-1103

What Happens if We’re Running Late?

It is important to arrive at the Cloudia 15 minutes prior to your departure time so that we can leave on time.

Call us at (619) 523-1167 (the Cloudia on-boat cell phone) if running a few minutes late but please be prepared to have your trip rescheduled if you are significantly delayed.

Directions & Parking

The Cloudia leaves from the Point Loma Sport fishing dock, 1403 Scott St, San Diego, CA 92106

Sports fishing Office for Directions Phone: (619) 223-1627.

Parking is generally available close by with free parking ¼ mile away off Scott Street.

Inclement Weather Policy
Our Whale Watching cruises will go out rain or shine. Typically, in case of inclement weather, and you are already here or on the boat, we will perform a modified harbor and sea lion cruise inside our designated sail path.

Occasionally, if conditions look rough and unsafe (high winds, rough seas, and high swells), our captain may make the call to cancel the trip. If this looks like a possibility, we will contact you as soon as we’re notified of poor weather, to discuss rescheduling.

If you have any questions or concerns about possible bad weather as your program is approaching, please contact Cloudia Operations Staff at 619-363-1103 or by emailing

What to bring?
  • Closed toed shoes
  • We supply water and light snacks but feel free to bring your own snack pack.
  • Sun protection, such as sunscreen and a hat
  • Light jacket
  • Camera (recommended)
  • Binoculars
  • Cash or credit cards for on board purchases  – Remember your tour with Cloudia memorabilia.
  • Unique Cloudia Items can be purchased in advance for collection on the day of your trip: Our offerings include a wide variety of high quality Cloudia embroidered clothing for men and women. Tees, Hats, Halter tops, Jackets and Fleeces. We also have Cloudia blankets, Cloudia coffee cups and unique mousepads.
  • We strongly suggest checking the weather beforehand and dressing accordingly. It can get cold out on the water.
  • Please do not bring the following: alcoholic drinks, hard plastic coolers, and strollers.
May we go below deck, or does everyone stay above on deck the whole time?
  • This is completely up to you. Most guests enjoy the topside deck areas of the sailing experience, but the “head” (restroom) and “galley” (kitchen) are below deck and you are most certainly welcome to go below. We allow up to six passengers below deck at any one time.
Does everyone wear life jackets, including infants?

No, they are up to you as an individual to determine whether you want to wear one. If you would prefer to wear one, just ask a crew member once on board. Life jackets are provided as required by the U.S. Coast Guard. Coast Guard regulations require us to have life jackets available, but they are not required to be worn.

Infants on board?

For safety reasons, we suggest you hold small children and infants. Strollers are not permitted. Holding an infant may create some difficulties going below deck, as the stairs are steep. Crew members are available to help.

What is the seating on board like?

There are areas both below deck and topside that are available to relax. Please do not bring chairs.

Are there food and/or drinking water on board?

We supply water, soft drinks and light snacks. Passengers are allowed to bring their own food and non-alcoholic drinks on board.

May I participate in sailing the ship?

Yes! We encourage participation. It’s up to you, your ambitions, abilities and attitude. The captain will have ultimate control of the ship and its crew’s movements.

How many guests are on board?

Maximum 12 passengers aboard Cloudia.

What happens in the case of bad weather?

Wind and weather are not under our control and the trip may be rescheduled or cut short should conditions prohibit safe passage. If weather conditions are poor on the date of your sail, please call for updates.

Is sea sickness an issue?

We recommend that if you have any doubt, you take preventive measures beforehand. (Bonine, Dramamine, a pressure wrist band, Transderm patch, etc.)

The Cloudia Sails Out of America’s Cup Harbor.

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